WASHINGTON — As Donald Trump begins campaigning as the Republican’s presidential candidate this week he lags far behind Democrat Hillary Clinton in raising money, especially in New York and on Long Island, new campaign finance reports show.

Trump, who began fundraising only last month, began to catch up with Clinton nationwide with receipts of $26.7 million in June, his reports to the Federal Election Commission showed. He had $20.2 million in cash on hand — a significant boost from the $1.3 million he had in the bank on May 31.

Clinton, who has a year’s head start in raising money, told the FEC in her filing that her campaign in June collected $36.4 million in receipts across the country and has $44.4 million in cash.

Trump, a lifelong New Yorker, reported that he raised $581,441 in New York, including $129,895 from Nassau and Suffolk County residents, of the $7.8 million contributed nationally in June by individual donors identified by name and address.

Since he began running last year, Trump has collected $895,231 in New York, including $202,471 on Long Island, from identified donors. That statewide total is less than he has raised in California, Texas, Florida or Georgia.

For Clinton, who moved to Westchester County in 1999 and twice ran successfully for U.S. Senate, New York has been her biggest source of campaign money in her second bid for the White House. She is set to be nominated as the Democrats’ presidential candidate next week.

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Clinton raised $11.8 million in June from New York, including $282,172 on Long Island. That statewide total is two thirds of the $17.8 million in individual donations she raised nationally last month, according to her FEC report filed Wednesday.

Since last year, Clinton has received $61.8 million from New York, including $2.7 million from Long Island. She has collected $180.3 million from individual contributors nationally.

Since the beginning of the campaign, Trump has reported $91.3 million in receipts, more than half from his own pocket. He forgave $47.5 million in loans he had made to his campaign, according to his June FEC filing.

Clinton reported she has raised a total of $274.5 million. Clinton also spent $34.5 million last month, much more than Trump, who spent just $7.8 million.

Trump has raised 60 percent of his individual contributions from small donors — $12.1 million in June — and $24.6 million since his campaign began.

Small donors have made up a quarter of Clinton’s total — $5.9 million in June and $50.8 million since last year.

Small donors are contributors who gave less than $200 and whose names and states are not required to be identified in campaign finance reports, making it impossible to determine which state they are from.

But even if Trump’s New York contributions were more than doubled to account for the small donor money his fundraising would not match Clinton’s in New York.