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Hillary Clinton pantsuit saga continues

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, right, is

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, right, is greeted by members of the government on arrival at the airport in Kinshasa, Congo Monday, Aug. 10, 2009. (AP Photo/Etienne Kokolo) Credit: AP Photo/ETIENNE KOKOLO

If any major politician constantly wore mango, teal or ruby from head-to-toe, well, this would be, at least in our narrow-minded view, fodder for fashion commentary.

And so it is. While secretary of state Hillary Clinton’s arsenal of vibrantly colored pantsuits has been well-documented (a la the “sisterhood of the traveling pantsuits”), well they’re looking downright shabby, not a bit flattering these days and well, kind of (yikes) jelly beanish.

And yesterday, she was angry in lavender, after being asked by a Congolese student about her husband’s opinion, looking so bad, that it prompted Andrea Mitchell, NBC correspondent on the “Today Show” to say she was “having a bad hair day.”

Blame it on the pantsuit. Most women understand the comfort factor of the style …it’s easy to throw one on in the morning, and with Clinton’s rigorous travel schedule…well, they’re a no-brainer…and obviously, she has many more important things to deal with.

But Clinton can look great – she did today in black with a blue shirt and a scarf, and elegant and formidable in an appropriately womanly way, so we’re just asking…can some great stylist step in and help our secretary of state?

We asked fashion guru Robert Verdi, who styles the lovely likes of Eva Longoria, for his take on the Clinton situation.

“It’s interesting that every generation has its fashion definition of female warriors. There was Rosie the Riveter in the 40’s with her rolled up sleeves and wrapped head. Crystal and Alexis Carrington were the shoulder pads in the ‘80’s.

Today Michelle Obama is ferociously brilliant and the new female warrior – super stylish political style.

Mrs. Clinton wears warrior of the 90’s but her look is so dated, even moreso on a mature woman. I think it’s her comfort zone but it’s tedious.”

So, what should she do? “I think separates, not suits, would be helpful," says Verdi. She wears ‘outfits’ and they’re not super-stylish or super-flattering. I think she should consider brands like Jones NY or Max Mara. They’re fashion forward without being fashion scary. She should think about some neutral colors and accessorize…a scarf at the neck, a fabulous necklace, and maybe a few turquoise bangles at the sleeve of a navy jacket worn over taupe pants. Right now everything is so dated it’s almost painful, and looks…” (ouch)…”spray-painted on.”

And since we are definitively talking about what Clinton should not wear, we reached out to Clinton Kelly, star of TLC's “What Not To Wear,” to weigh in. “There’s no doubt in my mind that a colored pantsuit would end up on the top of the trash can on the show. Colored pantsuits are a little silly, outdated and aging. They don’t look like she’s a leader of the modern world.”

That said, Kelly’s a fan of color. “I love color. It’s her right as a human being and an American to wear it. I can see her in a beautiful gray suit with a saffron colored blouse. But wearing a color like mango head-to-toe only works if you are a mango.”

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