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State Sen. Todd Kaminsky endorses Mike Bloomberg for president

State Sen. Todd Kaminsky, D-Long Island, speaks on

State Sen. Todd Kaminsky, D-Long Island, speaks on the Senate floor at the Capitol in Albany on May 8, 2019, regarding a bill that authorizes state tax officials to release, if requested, individual New York state tax returns to Congress. Credit: AP/Tim Roske

State Sen. Todd Kaminsky, a Long Beach Democrat, has endorsed Mike Bloomberg for president, citing the former New York City mayor’s work to combat climate change, pass gun control and help rebuild lower Manhattan in the aftermath of 9/11.

In a telephone interview, Kaminsky said Bloomberg is the best candidate to defeat Republican President Donald Trump.

“I think he would knock Donald Trump into another universe,” Kaminsky said of Bloomberg, three-term mayor from 2002 to 2013. “To the extent Donald Trump appeals to people as being a business person who is alien to Washington and could shake the place up, Mike Bloomberg actually has those credentials.”

Kaminsky, who worked as a federal prosecutor before running for political office, is chairman of the chamber’s Environmental Conservation Committee. As chairman, Kamisnky said, he’s been particularly impressed with Bloomberg’s accomplishments on climate change, including helping close down coal plants.

The two aren’t aligned on every policy matter, such as charter schools. Bloomberg is a strong supporter; Kaminsky isn’t (“I don’t think we would see eye-to-eye on that issue,” he said), but he believes that Bloomberg would appoint a better federal education secretary than Trump’s, Betsy DeVos.

Asked about Bloomberg’s longtime financial support of State Senate Republicans to help keep them in power during his mayoralty, Kaminsky said: “I don’t really know the facts of what happened in the past,” but said there was corruption in both parties and said that Bloomberg probably felt he was doing what’s best for his constituents.

In his presidential run, Bloomberg’s ad spending has exceeded $200 million, nearly as much as the Democratic field combined, according to published reports.

On Dec. 16, Bloomberg was endorsed by Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone.

Kaminsky said he likes that Bloomberg gets things done, is steady and competent, exemplified by lower Manhattan today: “What he did downtown in New York City is still breathtaking.”

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