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‘March 4 Trump’ supporters rally on LI, NYC, other cities

Hundreds of supporters of President Donald Trump held

Hundreds of supporters of President Donald Trump held a "March 4 Trump" rally in front of the Veterans War Memorial on Veterans Highway in Hauppauge on Saturday, March 4, 2017. Credit: Stringer News

Supporters of President Donald Trump convened near Trump Tower, the Washington Monument and several other places around the country — including on Long Island — in marches to show their pride in his presidency.

The “March 4 Trump” demonstrations Saturday were intended to show unity in the face of what organizers call “a seditious fringe” aiming to sabotage his vision for the country.

A couple hundred supporters gathered in Manhattan near Trump Tower, chanting “U-S-A.” One held a sign reading: “I am not a Democrat anymore.” Another read: “Yes he is our president.”

On Long Island, dozens lined Veterans Highway in Hauppauge, waving Trump-friendly posters as drivers zoomed by. Motorists honked their horns and chanted “U-S-A, U-S-A” while rally participants cheered.

“That’s the best moment of being in a rally — the reactions from people who come by,” said Judy Pepenella, who helped organize Saturday’s four-hour rally. “It’s nice to meet people who think like you.”

The Conservative Society for Action organized the event to counter people opposed to Trump’s presidency, said the group’s founder, Stephen Flanagan.

Flanagan said Saturday’s crowd was a mixture of anti-abortion, pro-Trump, and other conservative political activists with one common message: The protests should stop and we should wait to see what Trump does.

“We want to give the new administration a chance,” Flanagan said, adding that the group is expecting Trump to revitalize the U.S. economy. “It’s fine to be elected, but you have to follow through on those promises.”

Near Mar-a-Lago, Florida, the Palm Beach Post reported that people on both sides exchanged profanity. Trump’s motorcade briefly stopped so he could wave at supporters.

In Augusta, Maine, more than 100 people turned out for the event that was supposed to last three hours, but ended early because of freezing temperatures.

At a North Carolina rally, speakers said the dishonest media and left-wing politicians were bordering on sedition in their opposition to the Republican president. Some men were seen walking through the Raleigh crowd carrying a Trump flag as well as a Confederate flag. Gathered just behind the rally was a handful of protesters, some of whom blew air horns in an attempt to disrupt the event.

“We’re gonna take our country back and we’re gonna establish borders and have legal immigration and law and order,” said Cherie Francis, of Cary, North Carolina. “And if you’re against all that, then you should be afraid. ‘Cause we’re going to take the country in the direction it should be going, instead of the direction it has been going for at least the last 16 years.”

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