Most New Yorkers back the Occupy Wall Street demonstrators' rights to be in Zuccotti Park 24 hours a day -- even if they don't agree with the demonstrators' views, according to a Siena College poll released Tuesday.

In a survey of 803 registered voters, 57 percent said activists should be allowed to occupy the park 24 hours a day, compared to 40 percent opposed, Siena found.

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But when asked whether the Occupy Wall Street movement was correct in asserting it represents 99 percent of Americans, only 31 percent said yes; 66 percent said no.

About 22 percent of those polled said they paid a "great deal" of attention to the media coverage of Occupy Wall Street, while 49 percent said they were paying "some" attention and 29 percent said they were devoting "not much" or no attention to the protest.