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King: If Trump vetoes spending bill ‘it’ll be a big mistake’

Rep. Peter King was decked out in Mets

Rep. Peter King was decked out in Mets gear at Mets spring training practice in Florida on Friday. Credit: Newsday / Anthony Rieber

PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. — Rep. Peter King (R-Seaford) was driving to a Mets spring training practice on Friday morning when his wife called to tell him President Donald Trump said on Twitter that he was considering vetoing the $1.3 trillion omnibus spending bill because it does not include full funding for a wall or a fix for Dreamer immigrants.

“She said, ‘Your friend’s at it again,’ ” King, who voted in favor of the omnibus, said at First Data Field as he watched the Mets work out from behind the batting cage. “I was like, ‘What?’ To me, it would be a very big mistake. I don’t see how he can do it. I’ve spoken with him twice in the last week. He sent out several tweets [Thursday] saying how important it was to vote for it. What can I tell you? If he does, it’ll be a big mistake.”

King, who was decked out in full Mets gear, pointed out that many members of Congress such as himself had already departed Washington. If Trump vetoes the bill, the federal government will run out of money at midnight.

“Anytime you get a bipartisan bill, half are going to hate it and half are going to love it,” King said. “So conservative groups are stressing everything that’s bad about the bill. I think the President, maybe he’s reacting to that. But it’s crazy.”

King said he hopes Trump “is just letting off steam, trying to send a message, setting up the next series of debates and negotiations. I support the wall and I also support reforming DACA. But you can’t get everything in a bill. And also, I don’t know if the omni was the best place to put it anyway. Now we’ve cleared all this stuff out of the way, so now we have two main things to deal with: DACA and the wall. It clears the way to do that.”

King said dealing with Trump “can be like being in a pinball machine.” But he also praised the mercurial president.

“People don’t believe this,” King said, “but he’s a good guy. Like a guy you grew up with on the street corner.”

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