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Rep. Peter King voices support, concerns about Donald Trump

Rep. Peter King reaffirmed his support for Donald

Rep. Peter King reaffirmed his support for Donald Trump on CBS' "Face the Nation" on Sunday, May 15, 2016, but said he remains concerned about the presumptive Republican nominee's foreign policy. Credit: Getty Images / Drew Angerer

Rep. Peter King said Sunday that while he is endorsing Donald Trump, he wants more clarity on the presumptive Republican presidential nominee’s foreign policy and his approach to China.

“I’m supporting him as the nominee of the party . . . but I don’t think his Asia policy is coherent,” King (R-Seaford) said on CBS’ “Face The Nation.”

King said he has doubts about Trump’s campaign vows to make drastic changes in U.S. trade policy with China.

“If he wants to have leverage over China,” King said, “how can he talk about taking troops out of Japan?”

In reference to Trump’s past praise of Russian President Vladimir Putin, King said Trump’s “romance” with the leader concerns him.

In February, King, a 12-term Republican congressman, had announced his support for then-candidate Marco Rubio, rejecting front-runner Trump.

This month, King endorsed Trump after the entrepreneur and reality TV star presumptively clinched the Republican Party’s nomination for the presidency.

King said Sunday he believes Trump faces a challenge with female voters, but the businessman is a “very good spokesman” and will make his case to them.

“The average woman . . . all Americans, but maybe particularly women, they’re concerned about security,” King said.

King said, though, he wants Trump to “fill in the details” on how he plans to keep the nation safe.

“But I think if he can show women and men, especially suburban mothers,” King said, “that he is going to defend us and he’s going to keep us strong, then that’s what they are most concerned about, the economy, jobs, but also security, so their kids are not killed by terrorists.”

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