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Rove: I never said 'permanent' Republican majority

Karl Rove, it is often said, tried to mastermind a "permanent Republican majority" when he was the Bush administration's political guru.

Not so, Rove said in Huntington on Thursday as he promoted his new book. "Not permanent - durable," Rove corrected. "Nothing in politics is permanent."

He said he never used the words "permanent majority," and a Nexis search returns no direct quotes of him saying it. Though President George W. Bush's GOP majorities didn't even prove very durable, Rove said current Democratic control of Congress may be a historical blip like Republican victories amid Democratic dominance between 1932 and 1968.

President Barack Obama is vulnerable, according to Rove, and Democrats "are in bad shape for the 2010 elections."

- Michael Amon

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