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Silence of the Trump tweets

Donald Trump regularly communicates via Twitter, but has

Donald Trump regularly communicates via Twitter, but has been silent on that social media platform regarding "John Miller." Credit: AP / Matt Rourke

An unusual thing happened — or rather, didn’t happen — after The Washington Post ran a story last week on how Donald Trump used to masquerade as his own publicist back in the 1980s and 1990s. He didn’t fight back via Twitter.

Like no other presidential candidate, Trump has used the social media platform for epic rants against news reports and reporters he labels as “false” and “dishonest.”

One of the latest series — more than a dozen angry tweets — denounced a New York Times story on how he has treated women over the years.

Other targets for sustained Twitter-lashings since he began his campaign last year have included Fox News’ Megyn Kelly (“crazy,” “sick,” “highly overrated”) and conservative commentators Charles Krauthammer (“dopey”) and George Will (“a political moron.”)

The media organizations involved are invariably described as “failing” or biased against him, as in: “Wow, @CNN is really working hard to make me look as bad as possible. Very unprofessional. Hurting in ratings - bad television!”

But Trump has had nothing to share with his 8.25 million Twitter followers about when he phoned reporters using the pseudonyms “John Miller” and “John Barron” — which he denied on the “Today” show on Friday even though he admitted it years ago.

If his Twitter fans want a word from his “spokesman,” they can always scroll through one of the several parody accounts that have popped up.

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