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Long IslandPolitics

Smithtown superintendent of highways: Glenn Jorgensen

Glenn Jorgensen (R), candidate for superintendent of highways

Glenn Jorgensen (R), candidate for superintendent of highways (Sept. 22, 2009) Read more about Glenn Jorgensen Credit: John Dunn




BACKGROUND: Jorgensen, 58, is a former Smithtown highway project inspector. The St. James resident attended Suffolk County Community College and took several job-related courses from Hofstra and Cornell universities on highway engineering. He belongs to the Edgewood Flyers Club, a group of hobbyists that build and fly remote-controlled planes. This is his first run for political office.

ISSUES: Highway workers are telling Jorgensen that morale is low at the department, and he believes it affects productivity. As someone who worked at the department from a entry-level laborer to a management position, he said, he always dreamed of being highway superintendent, and has the knowledge necessary to run the department correctly and bring the roads up to standard. He said he plans to computerize the road inspection system to determine their conditions, and will sweep more often with the same staff, he said.

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