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Fourteen Nassau mayors, including two Republicans and two Independents, have announced their support for Thomas Suozzi in his bid for the Democratic nomination for county executive.

In a news release from the Suozzi campaign Thursday, several of the mayors, including those from the two largest villages in the county, commented on their support.

“Tom Suozzi fixed the county’s finances before, and we need him to fix them again." said Hempstead’s Wayne Hall.

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Freeport’s Robert Kennedy said Suozzi has a proven record of working with local officials to “make government work better for our villages and our residents."

Clarence Michalis of Lattingtown said: "I look forward to working with Tom when he is elected County Executive again."

Galen Alexander, a spokesman for the campaign of Suozzi’s party opponent, Adam Haber, the East Hills millionaire who sits on the Roslyn school board, belittled the endorsements.

“Of course career-politician Tom Suozzi is lining up endorsements from his cousin and other political insiders who have a vested interest in seeing one of their own continue business as usual.” he said. “But Suozzi had his chance and while he gave himself a raise, all Nassau families got were tax increases and skyrocketing debt. Adam continues to gain the support of people who are sick and tired of the Tom Suozzi show and are yearning for an effective and transparent County government

Suozzi, though, said: “As a former [Glen Cove] mayor . . . I am always humbled and honored to receive the support of these esteemed public officials .. . on the front lines of delivering services to our residents."

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The mayors listed in the release are:

Great Neck Plaza: Jean Celender (D)

Lake Success: Ron Cooper (D)

Roslyn: John Durkin (*U)

Hewlett Neck : Ross Epstein (D)

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Hempstead: Wayne Hall (D)

Freeport: Robert Kennedy (D)

Great Neck: Ralph Kreitzman (D) [The campaign said Friday that Kreitzman is supporting Suozzi "as an individual, but not as his official capacity as Mayor."]

Atlantic Beach: Steven Mahler (*U)

Lattingtown: Clarence Michalis (R)

Malverne: Patricia Norris-McDonald (D)

South Floral Park: Goeff Prime (D)

*No party listed