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Jesse Garcia, Brookhaven Republican chairman, reacted to GOP congressional hopeful George Demos' new cable TV ads, calling Demos a “two-time loser” who should “drop his quixotic third bid for this seat."

“It’s simply wrong and a mistake for George Demos to run for congress...for a third time,” said Garcia. Local and state GOP officials have lined up behind State Sen. Lee Zeldin, who is looking to make a second run for Congress against Democratic Rep. Tim Bishop (D-Southampton).

Garcia said that Demos' $1 million in campaign funds come from his wife’s father, who is a top fundraiser for House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton’s top West Coast fundraiser. He also attacked Demos’ record as an Security and Exchange Commission lawyer and questioned his residency in the district.

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Kevin Tschirhart, Demos’ campaign manager, did not respond specifically to any of Garcia’s attacks, but said: “The establishment is up to their old games. Year after year, they pick a person from their clubhouse to stand and lose.”

He also noted the late President Ronald Reagan, a GOP icon, lost several times before winning, noting “it’s ideas and ideals that ultimately matter. Ronald Reagan took on the establishment and won and so shall George Demos.”