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Republican Congressional candidate George Demos claims his rival Randy Altschuler is plagiarizing press releases from another candidate -- but Altschuler, like upstater Doug Hoffman, also hires Rob Ryan as a consultant, who says he wrote both.

For one account of the clash, on a Republican-oriented Web site, click here. 

 Here are the top two paragraphs of the latest Demos statement:

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"Instead of admitting that he was plagiarizing releases from another candidate,  Randy Altschuler is compounding his plagiarizing scandal by lying to Long Island's families. Altschuler cynically instructed his consultant to assure us that plagiarism is standard practice because "when you're in politics there's only so many ways  you can word stuff." 

Contrary to these bogus assertions, the press releases unambiguously state "Randy Altschuler said."





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