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State Sen. Lee Zeldin and George Demos, Republican primary contenders in the 1st Congressional District, have finally agreed to square off in a live, hourlong radio debate on Long Island News Radio 103.9 WRCN.

The debate, scheduled for May 23 at 5 p.m., will be hosted by Jay Oliver, the station’s morning newsman. Although the two have run into each other at public events on the campaign trail, it will be the first time they will be appearing together to discuss issues.

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Each blamed the other for delays in scheduling the on-air confrontation. Kevin Tschirhart, Demos’ campaign manager, noted that Zeldin has agreed to a debate 91 days after Demos first called for one.

Fay Chapin, Zeldin’s campaign manager, countered: “Demos has finally realized that it is time to come out of hiding...We are confident that everyone will see through his deception when he is stripped of his expensive advertising bubble for a full hour,” a reference to Demos’ TV and mail blitz.