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1st S.D.: A missive from the declared entrant

We can't and won't be posting everything we get on this, but to close the current round, here's something Fischer sent Calcaterra's election attorney -- just to capture the flavor and for what the reader may divine from it:

Hey Jerry,

.....I know everyone is in shock right now --- a lot of barbs on this one.

I am sure you know this, but, dealing with a pro se litigant is not the same as dealing with peer attorneys; I apologize in advance for my lack of polish and sophistication.

So, do you really want to try to sew this sows ear into a purse?  We all know there is a bigger political picture here --- I am sure you also know how the East End Right-Wing will tend to galvanize over any constitutional issue.  We are losing lots of seats in Suffolk; I hate to think of the possibility that your client could ultimately be the one responsible for taking Bishop and Alessi down.  

However, I am certainly not going to explain the law to an expert --- I am asking politely for a stand down.

Do you know the motivation for me wanting to brawl it out with LaValle? Did you see the NY Post article? He used his influence to hurt my kids and he is still using it toward the same end --- more things just happened this week.

A top Republican Senator warned me about how vindictive LaValle was long ago. Another, acquaintance on the right told me LaValle "the Wizard of OZ", the man behind the curtain. Some stuff huh? If somebody has all that power you might think they would use it to improve the quality of life versus watching it sink or ever cause it to sink. I think it is a disgrace; what do you think?  It is a frog and scorpion thing I guess.

Don't the New York economics even seem to be getting tougher even for attorneys? I see a better way; I don't think the carnivores have to eat the herbivores. I feel there is a greater "ecology", a balance of sorts that seems needs to be restored for the benefit of all. What do you think?

As you may know, I have a lattice of economic focused solutions I would like to implement for the greater good.

Let us please find a way for your client to have a prompt, dignified, and unifying transition for the benefit of both the party and the future of New York.  How do we do that?

After the transition maybe a nice trip will clear your client's head?  I know your client has important concerns to think about.  A foreign trip maybe?  France maybe?   Lots of opportunities.  Nice wine.   Fresh air.  A different sense of freedom.  One of my attorney friends left for Costa Rica and another friend left for Israel, but they are not coming back.  Israel is an important trip (very historical and cultural), but Costa Rica?  I love to travel; don't you?


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