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Republican Amos Goodman has so far raised more than any other candidate for the Suffolk Legislature this year -- $74,924. But he has also spent more than anyone else -- $55,561 -- leaving only $19,363 cash on hand.

Nearly half of Goodman's money has come from $34,500 in loans to himself plus another $11,000 from West Coast family members Mary and Joel Goodman.

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His expenses include $6,000 for social media, $5,000 for Web design, $1,800 for graphic design and business cards, $2,000 on polling and $1,250 for renovating his campaign headquarters. He also gave $1,000 last March to the Suffolk Conservative Party, which last week refused to back him in light of his outspoken support of the U.S. Supreme Court decision legalizing same-sex marriage. Goodman is the first openly gay GOP county legislative candidate in either Nassau or Suffolk.

Meanwhile, his Democratic opponent Bridget Fleming, Southampton town board member, has raised $18,448, less than a quarter of Goodman's total, but she is almost even with him with $17,251 cash on hand because she has spent only $1,197 so far. Fleming also loaned her campaign money but it was only $7,100, about 20 percent of what Goodman has loaned himself .