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3rd S.D.: Zeldin 'does not condone' Confederate flag (update)

Sen. Brian X. Foley's people and state Democrats have been up in arms for two days about the Lee Zeldin supporters who crashed a Foley rally over the weekend toting a Civil War-era South Carolina battle flag.

Now we went to college in Georgia at a school where the Confederate flag was a big issue -- Al Sharpton came to campus! --  and we'd never seen this particular flag.

But the Zeldin campaign just now issued a statement condemning the flag and said the campaign "will not be held responsible for the actions of every individual." The statement is below.

(Update 6:02 p.m.) Foley spokeswoman Anne Fenton chimes in: 

This weekend’s protest was clearly a coordinated effort by the Zeldin Campaign to disrupt a Women for Foley rally and intimidate its participants. The official Zeldin Campaign bus drove by multiple times whipping up the protesters.

Lee Zeldin is the stealth candidate for racism and bigotry. It took Zeldin two days to issue an empty condemnation of the behavior of his supporters. Zeldin accepts the money and votes of extremists, but refuses responsibility for their hateful acts. Lee Zeldin has wholeheartedly embraced the Tea Party, as evidence by Steve Flanagan’s active participation in this rally. Flanagan, chairman of the Conservative Society for Action, and Tea Party ringleader, was the keynote speaker at Lee Zeldin’s campaign kickoff. Zeldin has to live with the consequences of surrounding himself with the bottom feeders of society.




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