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ALBANY —  New York politicians who prefer to think of themselves as standing at the helm of the Empire State or the Progressive Capital of the Nation saw their grandeur illusions reduced to punch lines in one night.

First, the Legislative Correspondents Association spent more than two hours skewering New York pols in the 114th annual lampoon by reporters.

Despite some biting lyrics such as, “These clowns are too daft to pull off honest graft,” the LCA Show turns out to have been just the opening act.

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Later, “The Colbert Report” on TV’s Comedy Central took on Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo’s recent “bet” with California Gov. Jerry Brown on the Stanley Cup playoff game. Brown wagered California organic rice cakes. Cuomo bet a commemorative hockey puck memorizing three-on time budgets in a row —  a major bipartisan brag in Albany this election season.

Colbert referred to the budget success as Cuomo’s “hat trick of fulfilling the basic obligations of his office” and a “trophy of governmental self-congratulation.”

Colbert feared losing the puck in the bet would be a blow to New York tourism: “Millions have come from all over the world to marvel at our three on-time budgets.”