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The State Senate and Assembly have yet to agree on a bill that would authorize the use of old lever machines in this year’s elections. The Assembly version covers only New York City, while the Senate’s measure also authorizes counties, villages and towns in Nassau, Suffolk and elsewhere to save money by deploying the old devices instead of electronic scanners required for federal elections.

The city-only version won full Assembly approval, 105-37, last week, with three Long Islanders casting “no” votes — Michael Fitzpatrick (R-St. James), Harvey Weisenberg (D-Long Beach) and Andrew Raia (R-East Northport).

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Sen. Martin Golden (R-Brooklyn) has said he’s confident a bill will be agreed on in time, which election officials deem crucial to the city’s ability to conduct primary runoffs in September.

Both versions as of right now would also push back the runoff date a week, to Oct. 1.