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Democratic congressional contender Anna Throne-Holst’s campaign acknowledged a mistake in a mailer that accuses primary opponent Dave Calone of having been in charge of the LIPA’s emergency storm preparedness a month before superstorm Sandy.

Throne-Holst spokesman Andrew Grunwald blamed a “minor typo” that put Calone in charge of a committee in 2012, instead of the actual date of 2010.

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Calone spokesman Rahul Kale said the mailer was “an intentional effort to politicize Superstorm Sandy by manipulating dates and wildly exaggerating Dave’s role.”

The Throne-Holst mailer in the upcoming Democratic primary in the 1st Congressional District offers a timeline of Calone’s term on the LIPA board from June 2009 to Oct. 31, 2012.

It says in Sept. 23, 2012: “Calone takes over reviewing LIPA’s emergency storm preparedness.” It then lists Sandy hitting Long Island on Oct. 29, 2012.

Calone in 2010 was appointed to a LIPA subcommittee that had a month to make recommendations about how to bring electricians onto Long Island during a large power outage.

Grunwald said the campaign stood behind the substance of the attack against Calone.