Democratic congressional candidate Anna Throne-Holst has launched her first Web ad attacking freshman Republican Rep. Lee Zeldin for voting to “deny the science of climate change.”

The former Southampton Town supervisor based her criticism on Zeldin’s vote last week against a “sense of” Congress resolution in the Transportation Committee.

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That resolution included the phrase “climate change is real,” and called on Federal Aviation Administration officials to join with international counterparts to “reduce greenhouse gases emissions from aviation activities.”

“In Suffolk County we face real challenges and climate change is one of them,” Throne-Holst says in the ad. “But Congressman Lee Zeldin just votes down the line with the right wing tea party agenda . . . and now Lee Zeldin voted to deny the basic science of climate change.”

Jennifer DiSiena, Zeldin spokeswoman, called Zeldin (R-Shirley) “more in touch” with the district than the “two liberal Democrats” vying for his job — Throne-Holst and her Democratic primary opponent David Calone. DiSiena called the attack “slimy” and labeled it the “latest deflection of the day” in the already heated campaign.

“Congressman Zeldin believes the climate has always been changing, said DiSiena. “While some people are stuck in the mud, throwing arrows, debating the exact calculation of how much of it is man-made, Congressman Zeldin believes it would be much more productive to start . . . working on positive solutions that all sides will agree on to improve our environment.”

Andrew Grunewald, Throne-Holst’s campaign manager, could not say how widely the new ad would be circulated, but that it would be sent to supporters and be available on YouTube and social media websites.