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Attorney General Eric Schneiderman paid a 23.8 percent federal tax rate on an adjusted gross income of $170,498 last year, according to 2011 tax returns made available to reporters Friday afternoon. Most of Schneiderman’s earnings came from his $147,323 salary as the state’s top law enforcement official. Most of the rest came from dividends and tax-exempt interest on investments.

His federal tax bill came to $28,301 while his state taxes totaled $10,063 and New York City taxes were $5,241.

He took a net capital loss of $2,056 on his investments, which his office says are in mutual funds managed by Charles Schwab without his direct input. The biggest loss came from the sale of shares in Invesco PowerShares Global Nuclear Energy Portfolio, a fund that invests in the global nuclear power sector. His money managers sold 1500 shares of the fund for $24,651 taking a loss of $16,578.

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He gave $8,160 to charitable organizations including $1,460 to attend a charitable event at Guild Hall, a cultural center in East Hampton.

Schneiderman, who filed a tax extension in the spring, is the last of the statewide office holders to release his returns.