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Democratic activist Barry McCoy has filed a complaint with the Brookhaven Board of Ethics that Republican Highway Superintendent Dan Losquadro improperly solicited departmental employees to attend a fundraiser for his re-election.

In making the complaint, McCoy, a Democratic state committee member, claimed Losquadro was involved in “prohibited political activities” under the code. He included in his complaint a fundraiser flyer sent out by Losquadro that offered highway workers an “employee discount for purchasing a ticket” to the $200 a head clambake and barbeque in late July at the Baiting Hollow Country Club.

He also included text messages from his Losquadro deputy, John Giannott, solicting campaign help “dropping lit” for Losquadro from highway workers.

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“It is my belief that Mr. Losquadro’s direct solicitation of financial contributions from a town highway employees and his direct request for town worker to work on his campaign using direct violation of the ....of the town ethics code.” He claims that Losquadro used empoloyees personal information — mailing address and phione numbers to seek money and help.

Losquadro said he was not aware of the complaint and called McCoy’s claims “ridiculous” and politically motivated. ”I’ve never personally solicited any employee and the information they’ve given — cell phone and addresses — all came from people who offered to help,” he said. “It’s just attempt at distraction. I have a department to run.”