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Says Chairman Ed Cox: "Gary Berntsen is the designated candidate of the Republican Party." Final percentage: 62 percent to Jay Townsend's 38 percent. The latter qualifies for a primary against designee Berntsen. Key moment: When Nassau threw its support from Comptroller George Maragos to Berntsen. 

Berntsen thanks Cox, Basile, :LaValle.

He recalls a story about Schumer using the 'b' word against a flight attendant who asked him to stop using his cell phone. He says he'd use the 'a' word for the senator, meaning "arrogant, not that other word."  Says he's a tea party member and supports the Arizona illegal-immigration law. Talks about the narco-trafficking at stake. "This is about our families, this is about the fight for our future," he says. Cites his two kids in the armed forces.

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