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Democratic Chairman Jay Jacobs just introduced attorney Charlie King as the state committee’s new executive director. King has run as lieutenant governor as an ally of Andrew Cuomo (2002), for AG as a rival of Cuomo (2006) and subsequently has been associated with Rev. Al Sharpton’s National Action Network. King spoke of Cuomo as “family” and past tensions making their current bond stronger. King, who is to be in charge of the party’s “rapid response team” to GOP attacks, also slammed Republican candidates, especially Steve Levy and Carl Paladino, in race-based ways: the former on his “Shaniqua” remark -- which King distorted into some kind of  Geico-like “so easy Shaniqua can do it” -- and Paladino, of course, on his controversial distribution of racist and sexist joke e-mails. The event was held just outside City Hall. Among those in attendance were Public Advocate Bill DiBlasio, Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer, state party official June O’Neill, and union activist Stuart Applebaum.