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The New York State Conservative Party is asking voters to reject a referendum to allow up to seven non-Indian-run casinos in the state.

While the party has long opposed casino expansion, Conservatives said in a news release that the wording of the proposition is “deceptive” and “one-sided.” The wording of what will be proposition No. 1 on the November ballot will achieve the “purposes of promoting job growth, increasing aid to schools, and permitting local governments to lower property taxes through revenues generated.”

The Conservative Party, headed by chairman Michael Long, said the phrasing omits the down side of gambling and contends that the state lottery, approved in 1966, never lived up to its promises.

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This is from the party statement urging a “no” vote:

Casino gambling will produce new problems as evidenced in the areas where casinos are currently located. In 1966, the Legislature told New York citizens, if they approved the lottery, their school taxes would be reduced. Every year school taxes go up, despite the millions people spend on lottery tickets. It is time to close the money spigot that gives the legislature more money to spend.