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The head of the state Republican Party took a shot Friday at Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo for not accompanying President Barack Obama to Binghamton, saying Cuomo is ducking the issue of natural gas drilling.

"As President Obama heads to the Southern Tier, Governor Cuomo should be by his side, instead of hiding from the mob of anti-fracking protesters,” GOP chairman Ed Cox said in a statement, referring to opponents of horizontal hydraulic fracturing, a drilling technique. “Instead of kowtowing to the most radical voices in his base, the governor should listen to the voice of reason and science.”

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 Obama has pushed natural-gas exploration; Cuomo has repeatedly delayed a decision in New York.

 "It might do Governor Cuomo well to follow President Obama across the border into Pennsylvania to observe firsthand the 30,000 new jobs and thriving manufacturing sector born from the $10 billion natural gas industry in Pennsylvania in the past several years,” Cox said.

Cuomo greeted Obama in Buffalo, the first stop of the President’s two-day upstate New York bus tour. He said he would miss the rest in part to prepare to bring his twin daughters to college.

Pro- and anti-natural gas arrived early at the campus of the State University of New York at Binghamton to await Obama’s arrival. The president, focusing on college affordability, wasn’t expected to address energy issues.