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Gov-candidate Cuomo did one of his rhetorical self-call-and-responses when asked a pointed question of whether public employee unions are too powerful.

Pretty general stuff, but what does it suggest?

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“I don’t know how you calibrate too much power. Are they powerful? Yes. Do they have a constituency that they represent? Yes. Is it an important constituency? Yes. But do you need in my opinion executives and leadership and management that is willing to stand up and disagree, and work through difficult issues? Yes. That’s what Mayor Duffy did in Rochester. He was not a pushover. He was not a rollover.”
“Yes, he tangled with public employee unions. Guess what – we’re going to be tangling with public employee unions going forward. This is a very difficult situation. The economics are very difficult. We see that today with what’s going on in New York State with Gov. Paterson, the cuts and modifications he’s going to have to make. Next year, there’s no economic forecast that says the economy is going to rebound at such a rate that we’re not going to have these issues. We’re going to have the same issues..."