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Cuomo unveils Duffy pick, citing 'integrity''; Questions on 'ticket balance'

Rochester Mayor Bob Duffy, who is Andrew Cuomo's chosen running mate for governor, would make for an all-white Democratic ticket -- for mayor, lieutenant governor, comptroller, attorney general and two US Senate seats. The same is expected for the Republicans.

Duffy adds geographical diversity and brings with him all the appropriate talking points about upstate communities and economics, as well as executive experience for which Rick Lazio hailed Greg Edwards, Chautauqua County executive.

When asked about the racial makeup, in a state with more than a third non-white voters, Cuomo said: "We strive for diversity. We strive for diversity everywhere. There's a certain amount of geographic diversity with Bob joining the ticket....My administration will be an administration that reflects diversity. Do you always get all the diversity you want when you want it? No. But the point of having a diverse administration is a very important one for me. It will be a top priority for me."

Asked about the "New Democratic Party" rebranding, he said: "I don't know that there's a rebranding.....What the Democratic Party is all about is growth, change, and evolution, this is a new day, and new approaches and new problems, and that's what we mean by the Democratic Party."

Cuomo lightly faked keeling over and clutching his chest as Duffy discussed his hope for the candidate's health but his ability to take over if necessary should anything happen to the governor. Cuomo later said he's in fine health, and Duffy said he's "aligned philosophically" with the current AG.

Duffy cited the $29,000 median income of Rochester residents and the difficulty of high taxes.

Venue for the announcement: the Sheraton New York in midtown Manhattan. Both candidates are due in Rye tomorrow for the final day of the state party convention. 



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