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One evening arrival in Rye is Sen. Charles Schumer, who is up for re-election and who worked the dining room and chatted with delegates and guests, table-to-table: A comment on the deficit and Keynes over here, a remembrance of an old slogan there.

Schumer and Sen. Kirsten Gililbrand host a breakfast in the morning.

Jay Jacobs, the state chairman, says Thomas Suozzi is on the scene too.

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Senate Majority Leader Malcolm Wilson was schmoozing at a table with Sen. Eric Schneiderman, a candidate for AG he's endorsed.

At an earlier meeting of the state party's executive committee, the reform caucus raised a proposal that Democratic candidates decline other parties' cross-endorsements. Executive committee head June O'Neill argued that the party should not "unilaterally disarm" and thus presumably leave alternative lines to Republicans seeking them. The measure was tabled. But Jacobs has in the past made it clear he favors down-the-line balloting practiced in most other states of the union....




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