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Nassau County Attorney John Ciampoli showed his successor, Parks Commissioner Carnell Foskey, around the county attorney offices on the second floor of One West Street in Mineola Wednesday morning before issuing a goodbye letter to his staff.

“It is .?.?. time for me to bring the curtain down on my tenure as county attorney,” wrote Ciampoli. “I will be moving on to new challenges.”

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Ciampoli, a former elections lawyer for the Republican-controlled state senate, was told this week by County Executive Edward Mangano and Chief Deputy Rob Walker that Foskey, a former family court judge, would be replacing him.

“I remain on the county payroll,” Ciampoli said in an interview as he left the building. “The county executive has talked to me about some special projects to work on. I’m considering that. I’m considering other opportunities in the private sector and in between. We’ll see how it all works,”

“I’ve had calls from private firms, from governmental leaders. It looks like I’m not going to starve."

Campoli was one of the last members of the initial inner circle that Mangano brought into county government when he took office four years ago. Besides Walker, Deputy County Executive Tim Sullivan, who oversees finances,  remains. Some government insiders say Ciampoli's clashes with Walker over the years led to his departure.

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In his farewell letter. Ciampoli reminisced that Nassau Republican chairman Joseph Mondello had asked him to come to Nassau four years ago and spearhead a team of lawyers and volunteers to oversee the recount of the tight race between Republican Mangano and former Democratic County Executive Thomas Suozzi.

Mangano wound up beating Suozzi by less than 400 votes then. In a rematch this month, Mangano trounced Suozzi.

“We had changed history," Ciampoli wrote.  "Less than a week later I was asked to return home to Nassau County to become the county attorney."

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In his farewell letter, Ciampoli quoted Teddy Roosevelt, Gen, George Patton and George Washington and wrote "Let us take all the good from the time that we have spent together."

He said in the interview, "What has happened over the last 24 hours has been incredibly heartwarming, the outpouring of support, gratitude, love.”

Ciampoli added, "I’ve just got to figure out what’s next.".

A spokesman for Mangano could not be reached for comment.