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DNC: What does crowded-hall lockout portend for final day?

After a delay, the Time Warner Cable center

After a delay, the Time Warner Cable center reopens. Credit: Yancey Roy

Looks like this reporter picked the wrong time to get some air.

I wasn't out three minutes when the radio of a Charlotte fireman standing next to me blared: "Shut the doors. Shut the doors."

The arena is now temporarily locked to any one trying to come in — because of overcrowding. The fireman says it is no joke — the arena was some 7,000 over capacity last night but they refrained from closing the doors.

How does this bode for tomorrow, now that Dems have moved the President's address from a 74,000-seat football stadium to this 15,000-seat basketball arena?

Update: A group that's locked out is chanting "Let us in!"

Update: They've started to let folks back in. Cuomo aides Larry Schwartz and Joshua Vlasto were among those who had to wait to get in for close to 40 minutes. Doesn't bode well for Thursday.

Pictured above: After a delay, the Time Warner Cable Arena reopens.

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