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A funny thing happened on the way to the Coliseum.

Well, actually it was at the Crest Hollow Country Club in Woodbury, but nobody would read an intro about that.

A wad of cash, $500 he was carrying for a car repair bill, dropped from a Newsday reporter’s pocket at a humongous Nassau GOP fundraiser with about 2,000 people Tuesday night. The next day, the reporter got a call from Republican headquarters in Westbury, telling him it had been found and where he should go to get it.

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The reporter had wrapped a rubber band around the wad, and also had photo ID, his Nassau County park pass, tucked under the rubber band.

Dan Lino, a Hempstead Town parks official said his mother, Rosemary Lino of Bethpage, had found the money and checked with GOP headquarters to see how to find this loser.

Not that this would not have happened at a Democratic, Conservative, Liberal, Independence or other party fundraiser, but the happy reporter hopes he never has to find out.

It did happen at a GOP shindig. And while it does not necessarily speak for the Republican organization — it does for that Republican.