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East Hills: Angry ending, says spectator, updated

What happened when Matthew Weiss, loser for East Hills mayor, offered his hand to Mayor Michael Koblenz after the latter won re-election?

One resident, professing impartiality, tells us: “Koblenz accused Weiss of slandering his son’s name... and said ‘I will get you’.” Weiss challnged him as to what he’d do, and Koblenz replied, “You’ll see,” the witness said.

Contacted for comment, Weiss said that Koblenz indeed “justified his snub as payback” for his “bringing up nepotism as an election issue.”

What followed “You’ll see,” Weiss said, was that he replied “How dare you threaten me.”
“Then he lunged at me and had to be physically restrained.”

Koblenz has not yet responded to an e-mail requesting comment.




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