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State lawmakers rushed to introduce or amend 228 bills before midnight Monday to beat an end of the session deadline.

  Bills must “age” three days before legislators may vote on them, unless the governor issues an exception called a “message of necessity.” Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo has said he does not want to do any messages. This means that any bill introduced after midnight on Monday is unlikely to be passed this session.

  Trying to make the deadline, lawmakers in some instances introduced several versions of the same bill Monday in the hope that that lawmakers can agree on one of them.

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  “There are different proposals that have been introduced on some issues in order to try and get an agreement,” said Michael Whyland, spokesman for Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver (D-Manhattan), in an e-mail.

  The bills introduced or amended yesterday cover a gamut of local and statewide issues such as providing property tax exemptions for specific properties or organizations, prohibiting the ownership of feral pigs, making the sale of shark fins illegal and redefining cigarettes for tax purposes to include those rolled at “roll your own shops.”