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The suicide of former Giuliani administration housing official Russell Harding, son of the late LIberal Party leader, draws attention in political circles Monday. NYTimes reporter Russ Buettner describes details in a story.

Mentally ill, convicted of felonies, expressing contempt for his late father and no remorse for misdeeds, Russell Harding blogged a dark but coherent suicide message on the website he'd devoted to talking smack about his once-patron Giuliani and other politicians.

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The message ends this way:

I've rambled on too long. Sorry this was so all over the place. I guess "Goodbye cruel world" would have been enough. After all, who wants to leave a tedious suicide note?

I wish you all the best,


P.S. To whomever has me buried, I don't want a funeral. I just want to me [be] buried somewhere, not cremated. I don't care where I'm buried, but no service or anything like that, even graveside. I hate phoniness and hypocrisy. No one who might attend is anyone I'd want there. If some kind reader would say Kaddish for me though, that would be appreciated. Thanks.

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P.P.S. In case you're wondering, this website has the ability to schedule posts to be published at a later date. That's why you're reading this after I'm gone.

Just FYI -- Everything written above was drafted in May. I am writing this now Thursday evening as I am about to do this. I've been nervous and fretful for weeks, knowing this was coming. Tonight I am very calm and OK. I've been responding to emails this evening, and I think people will tell you I was in an upbeat mood. This is now unavoidable, so I'm OK with it. Just wanted you to know that at the end it was fine. RAH

The full posting can be found here.

Photo: Russell Harding.