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Revised contract deals with three Nassau unions have yet to be filed with the county legislature, pushing off financial analyses of the proposed pacts.

County Executive Edward Mangano expects to file the amended proposals by Friday, a spokesman said -- though legislative rules would allow him to wait until March 31, the same day that lawmakers will be asked to vote on the agreements and the county’s financial control board is expected to approve them.

Late delivery of the pacts would leave little time for the legislature’s budget review office or the county comptroller to study the financial impact of the deals, which are expected to lift a three-year wage freeze imposed by the Nassau Interim Finance Authority.

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NIFA guidelines call for the comptroller to have at least 14 days to review and comment on any proposed labor contract before the legislature votes.

The legislature’s rules of procedure call for amendments or substitutions to already submitted legislation to be filed in final form seven days before the legislative meeting, according to William Muller, the legislature’s clerk. However, amendments can be filed and acted upon the same day if the legislature declares an emergency, which requires the approval of 13 of the 19 lawmakers, he said.

In this case, the initial legislation has already been filed. Mangano submitted the original Memorandums of Agreement for the Police Benevolent Association, the Civil Service Employees Association and the Detectives Association last week. Mangano and the unions say the proposed pacts offer millions of dollars in concessions.

After NIFA chairman Jon Kaiman objected to some of the language in the  proposals, he met with Mangano and union leaders. He announced Saturday that the agreements had been revised to meet NIFA guidelines.

PBA president James Carver said ballots for his members to vote on the revised deal went out Monday and results are expected by 2 p.m. March 31.

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CSEA president Jerry Laricchiuita emailed fact sheets Tuesday to his members, who are expected to vote next Thursday.

Kaiman said Tuesday: “I have no information regarding timetable. We certainly have every intention with providing the legislature with whatever information is necessary to do a full analysis.”

He acknowledged that NIFA expects to meet March 31 to approve the revised deals, presuming the legislature approves them first.

Mangano spokesman Brian Nevin said submission of the pacts has been delayed because "NIFA and county attorneys are reviewing the executed documents to ensure all the I's are dotted and T's crossed."

Kaiman said he wants to bring in outside labor counsel to look over the numbers in the deals. As part of the negotiations, Kaiman asked the county to set aside $129 million in new revenue to cover costs if concessions do not generate the savings expected.

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“Our intention generally speaking is to have an analysis the board members can see, that will be public and will be part of our plan. If we didn’t have that, I don’t know if we would be able to vote,” Kaiman said.

County Comptroller George Maragos has not yet gotten details to allow him to analyze the financial impact of the deals, a spokesman said.

Maurice Chalmers, director of the legislature’s budget review office, also said he has not seen the new pacts but expects to do a financial analysis, which has been requested by both Republican and Democratic lawmakers.

Legis. Judy Jacobs (D-Woodbury) said the legislature needs plenty of time to analyze the deals. "Obviously this is something very important to many lives. We owe it to the people in the unions and the residents of Nassau County to have all the facts. I hope we would not be asked to vote at the last minute without information. We need the backup. Transparency and fairness can only work to the benefit of every party involved in this."