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Outspoken Conservative George Marlin is not leaving quietly from his post on Nassau’s financial control board

Although Marlin has been replaced as a member of the Nassau Interim Finance Authority, he says he’s going to continue to comment on actions by County Executive Edward Mangano and NIFA chairman Jon Kaiman in much the same way he did with Richie Kessel, who served as chief executive of the New York Power Authority.

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Marlin maintained a Kessel NYPA Watch on his Street Corner Conservative blog until Kessel stepped down in July 2011 amid a state inspector general's investigation into donations and other expenditures he made while at NYPA. Marlin first reported Kessel’s donations on his blog.

Now Marlin has established The Nassau County Mangano-Kaiman Watch,  intended to be a weekly report, he said, “dedicated to exposing fiscal and political shenanigans of county and NIFA officials and to waging a genuine reform campaign to prevent fiscal catastrophe and restore taxpayer confidences.”

He added in an interview, “I think there should be a voice out there that keeps a watch on what goes on in the county and on the NIFA board.”

Marlin’s first post, on Tuesday, takes on a Kaiman memorandum that proposed ways to end a three-year wage freeze imposed by NIFA.

Criticizing it point by point, Marlin concludes, “The Kaiman memo is ultimately all gibberish without numbers.”

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Kaiman, who met with county leaders Wednesday about ways to lift the freeze, declined to comment.

A Mangano spokesman said, "County Executive Mangano is attending to government business and doesn't read the blog."