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Nassau CE Edward Mangano got himself cranked up Tuesday evening when he testified before the county legislature — his former colleagues — about tax assessments.

The eight Democrats boycotted the meeting, and Mangano thanked his eleven fellow Republicans, who passed the legislation. [See the story on the meeting here.]

Here’s Mangano:
“If you want to disagree with the structure, you should do it in person. That's what you're paid here to do.
And how you could be absent on the single greatest reform that this county needs to put itself back in fiscal shape, and you stand by and not participate, not cooperate, is the worst partisanship I've ever seen.
And I tell you — and I'm sorry I'm getting upset about it. I didn't mean to do it. But the fact of the matter is shame on them for not being here and taking part in this reform ... What is that statement to the people of Nassau County?
We come here in a bipartisan fashion to fix a problem that costs every single taxpayer whether you're residential property, commercial property, whether you grieve you taxes or not, you're paying for this poor system.
For eight years they protected this system and now today they stand and not even comment on it. I commend you, the Republican legislators, for standing up for the people of Nassau County.”

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Republican Majority Leader Peter Schmitt told the normally mild-mannered Mangano: “We will vote ‘yes’ on this from now until the end of our time providing you promise us you get upset about things more often.”

Democrats said the whole thing was a “charade” meant to impress fiscal watchdogs, and noted that Schmitt has said he will revote the measure July 19 because it failed to meet the public notice requirements.