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Gov. race: Defining criminality down

 Even with all the talk about GOP governor nominee Carl Paladino shifting strategies, he's still apparently determined to call others crooks without making a case.

After Alan Hevesi's felony plea, Paladino said "Andrew Cuomo has shown a disturbing pattern of letting Democrat bigwigs like McCall and Rattner off the hook...Andrew's not a prosecutor, he's a selective prosecutor."

Carl McCall's role as a placement agent and that of Steve Rattner in hiring Hevesi's man Hank Morris while seeking pension fund investment business have been publicized at length in light of the Cuomo probes. And, oh, yes, questions do cross one's mind about how decisions of criminality are formed in the court system, who's targeted, who isn't. But if you're making an outright accusation, rather than just asking the question, it kind of helps the public understand you better if you give even a vague hint of what you're talking about at the moment you're making it.

Joe McCarthy may have learned this a little late.

Lawyer Paladino hasn't even outlined a criminal case based on the clips, however. Was Paladino among those who objected to McCall's supposedly having dodged a bullet became when Paladino's declared "friend" Eliot Spitzer was whaling away at financier and philanthropist Kenneth Langone on the stock-exchange pay?

Did Carl ever have the "cojones" to broach this to his "friend" Eliot -- who he said he told he didn't want to give up the governorship -- when as a state landlord Paladino was sending Spitzer campaign checks?

Right or wrong on the merits, whether it was fair to tie in McCall or not, are not even the point. The point is that it was an argument raised by the Langone-Grasso camp during that controversy and Paladino could have taken sides in that dustup too.

Just wondering.


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