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Democratic Nassau County Executive candidate Adam Haber is taking direct aim at a nearly $600,000 television ad campaign by Republican County Executive Edward Mangano, arguing the commercials are false and self aggrandizing.

A pair of 30-second ads, in which residents thank Mangano for not raising county property taxes, began airing in Nassau last week. The total cost of the ad buys, which were paid for by Friends of Ed Mangano, the county executive’s campaign committee, is $582,000.

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“Ed Mangano needs to spend half-a-million dollars so that you can hear people say nice things about him,” Haber said in a news release on Monday in which he asked for contributions of $20.13 from individual donors. “The ad ends with a woman’s voice saying, ‘Keep it going, Ed.’ I agree. Keep it going, Ed – because it is time for you to get going. Out.”

In the release, Haber also challenged Mangano’s management of the county’s finances, arguing he raised fees, pushed the cost of property tax assessments onto local school districts and slashed social services.

Mangano spokesman Brian Nevin fired back at Haber, criticizing him for raising school taxes as a member of the Roslyn School Board and for investing in energy futures while working on Wall Street.

“It’s flattering that others want to promote Ed Mangano’s record of freezing property taxes for three straight years – a stark contrast from Adam Haber’s record of hiking school taxes and making millions by investing in high gasoline prices,” Nevin said. “It’s an interesting strategy as the Democrat primary comes first and Adam Haber has failed to distinguish his tax hikes from that of Tom Suozzi.”  

Haber will challenge Suozzi, the former Nassau County executive, in a primary this September. The Suozzi campaign did not immediately respond to requests for comment on Haber’s remarks.

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But, last week Suozzi campaign manager Danny Kazin said: “No commercial can disguise Mangano’s mismanagement and perpetual borrowing which have destroyed Nassau’s reputation and saddled Nassau’s taxpayers with debt for decades to come.”