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Hofstra's guv debate: Paladino's prebuttals

Carl Paladino just e-mailed supporters urging them to watch the debate. After the kerfuffle over his remarks about "brainwashed" gays and running-mate Greg Edwards's earlier statements that Paladino would stick to issues "people care about" tonight, we're surprised to see gay marriage so high on this list.

The Paladino e-mail follows: 

Dear Paladino supporter,

Tonight Carl will have the chance to debate his opponents at Hofstra University. Please tune-in and hear why Carl is clearly the best choice, of the people, for the State of New York.

7:00 p.m., Monday, Oct. 18th
Live from Hofstra University
The debate will be carried by News 12 Long Island,
Westchester. Hudson Valley, the Bronx and Brooklyn
NY1, YNN Time Warner Cable, WYNN Buffalo

We hope you will join us to learn more about Carl's position's on cutting taxes, reducing state government spending and cleaning up the mess in Albany. You can also receive important information about Carl's Plan You can submit questions to the debate at the e-mail addresses below. Questions that Carl and the people of New York are asking include:

1) Do you support a reduction in the $4.2 billion dollars in taxes collected by the State of New York for health care services?

2) How many of you support gay marriage?

3) Considering the state of the economy in New York, what's your position on the high cost of continued funding of billions per year in health insurance benefits for retired state employees?

4) Many of us here in Long Island are commuters, how do you propose to solve the estimated $13 billion in unfunded liability with the MTA?

5) According to the Manhattan Institute's Empire Center, unfunded liabilities for OPEB (Other Post Employment Benefits) has reached:

* $60 billion for the state
* $13.8 billion for the 20 largest counties
* $6.5 billion for the 20 largest school districts

How do you propose we pay for these liabilities? Do you support continuation of a pay-as-you go basis.

6) The tax burden on New Yorkers has grown to be one of the highest in the United States. Since people are leaving our state in droves, would any of you consider a tax cut?

7) How will you repair our crumbling education system?

8) Most would agree, pension obligations are bankrupting our state. How do you plan on reducing Union pensions when negotiating state contracts?

9) Do you support charter schools and if not, why not?

10) Considering the lousy state of our public schools, what actions would you take as governor to reduce the amount of union control in our education system.

11) Since some have predicted that New York is only a year away from bankruptcy, what actions would you take as governor to stop our deficit spending?

12) What steps would you take as governor to reduce unemployment and create jobs?

13) With unemployment at such high levels, please answer the question, "How do you create a job?"

14) Long Island has been decimated by home foreclosures, what would you do to stop Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac from allowing another housing meltdown?

15) Like many New Yorkers, I think the biggest challenge facing our state is job creation. Have you ever created a job? And if the answer is no, could you explain to the people of New York why this is a good time for on-the-job governor training in job creation.

Please contact these stations online with questions of your own.


Thank you for your support.


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