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Nassau's chief administrative judge Tuesday ordered the Suffolk Republican elections commissioner to count some 7,000 untallied paper ballots and certify the results in the 10th Judicial District.

Supreme Court Justice Anthony Marano told Suffolk Republican Elections Commissioner Wayne Rogers to follow the directive of Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who issued an executive order after superstorm Sandy allowing displaced voters to cast ballots outside their home election districts.

Rogers argued  that the 7,000 outstanding affidavit ballots had not been properly cast because voters didn’t indicate that they had been forced out of their districts by Sandy. Cuomo’s order made no mention of voters being required to mention the storm on their ballots.

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Neither Rogers nor his lawyer could be immediately reached for comment on Marano's decision.

“This was an issue in no other county in New York State,” said Nassau Democratic Elections Commissioner William Biamonte. “They tried not to count 7,000 ballots. This is something out of Skunk Hollow, Mississippi.”

Biamonte said Nassau’s election results should be certified Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday morning.

The 7,000 ballots are not expected to change the results in any races, including winners of the six Supreme Court justice seats, which cover both Nassau and Suffolk.

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Expected to be certified for Supreme Court are John J. Leo, Sondra L. Pardes, Leonard B. Austin, Richard Ambro, Peter Skelos and Leonard Steinman. Skelos was the only Republican candidate to win.