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Ka-ching! Tasini links Wall St. campaign $ to fed laxity

Since Jonathan Tasini, Democratic primary candidate for US Senate, is the only major-party state figure bothering on the campaign trail  to even broach a link between huge campaign cash and the Congressional approach to Wall Street, here in full is the statement he sent out:

"Today, I have dispatched a letter to the chairs of both major national parties [see below for links to letters] calling on them to lead a movement to return every dollar collected from Goldman Sachs—which is legalized corruption. It is now almost two weeks since serious charges were brought against Goldman by the SEC.

"As I stated yesterday, the Senate hearings made clear: Goldman Sachs—and other Wall Street firms—profited by gambling with the American peoples’ livelihoods. It was a classic “heads I win, tails you lose” scam. As Sen. Carl Levin memorably stated: “You knew it was a sh---- deal, and that's what your emails showed.”

"Congress, however, failed to harness Goldman Sachs and the rest of the irresponsible actors on Wall Street. Goldman is in the business to make money—at any cost. Congress’ duty is to protect the people from the destructive behavior of that business model.

"Congress failed to do its job because of it was too busy being vigilant about pocketing huge sums of money from Goldman Sachs, and other financial services’ firms, rather than being vigilant about the public interest.

"Most of the press continues to refuse to make the connection or admit the obvious. Editorial pages of major newspapers are not calling for the return of every dime to Goldman Sachs. Both parties are responsible for the legalized corruption that led to our crisis—and we are laying the seeds for another crisis, no matter what legislation passes, because of the continued flow of campaign contributions from Wall Street.

"The press should be asking why candidates, and the two political parties, are not giving back Goldman Sachs money. Kirsten Gillibrand is the single largest recipient of Goldman Sachs money among Democratic Senators. I call again on her to give back the almost $30,000 she has pocketed from Goldman Sachs ($5,000 from the company’s PAC and $23,800 that she has received so far from Goldman Sachs contributors).

"Politicians cannot, and should not, wait for a verdict from the courtroom—which could take years. We must hold politicians to a higher standard. Voters need to know TODAY that our political leaders will not finance their campaigns with cash from companies facing serious criminal charges or ethical violations. We know this legalized corruption poisons our democracy."


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