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LCA: Lazio bombs, Cuomo a no-show as Levy observes

 Republican governor candidate Rick Lazio’s glitch-riddled satiric performance drew cringes and negative reviews from guests of the annual dinner and revue of the Legislative Correspondents Association late Saturday in Albany. There was a satiric song he was to “sing” in the direction of Republican chairman Ed Cox, one of the guests, who supports rival Steve Levy: Air Supply’s “I’m All Out of Love.” Lazio painfully bobbled the lyrics – as well as his attempt to don a fake mustache to spoof Levy, who sports one. Levy, who sat through the evening’s performances, told an acquaintance, “What a YouTube moment this will be.” A couple of critical observers thought Lazio’s delay in getting on stage as the audience sat waiting offered an unfortunate metaphor for his campaign thus far. Better vibes greeted a series of joke ‘e-mails’ presented on a screen – partially a slap at third GOP Carl Paladino for its play with double-entendres and Lazio's choosing a teleconference in which he forbid relevant questions to be asked, a shot at AG Andrew Cuomo, who did not attend.
Levy, who as a former state legislator has been at the LCA show before, sat through the silliness from press and pols and, as someone who himself drew flak for comments of his own at such a satiric roast, was clearly taking note of lines from the reporters’ revue that – as always and as advertised – repeatedly crossed borders of taste and p.c.
Meanwhile, Cuomo as well as other Democratic elected officials were no-shows. Not that they’ve all passed in the past. Also, Democrat Sean Coffey, a candidate for attorney general, got better performance reviews than Lazio with a spoof of his own TV ad. He also acknowledged Levy and from the stage showed him his passport.



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