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Levy misstates WFP role in 2007 race

This exchange took place earlier when Suffolk Executive Steve Levy appeared on the Brian Lehrer radio show:

  You’ve been a Democrat your whole political life. Why not run as a Democrat?
Levy: You know I’ve been a Democrat and I’ve also been endorsed by the Republican, Conservative and Independence parties in previous elections.

Was I wrong about Working Families by the way?
Yes, I had not gotten their endorsement in the 2007 re-election. I think they thought I went a little too far in trying to hold the line on taxes but that’s what the people of my area overwhelmingly wanted. Since they were being taxed out of their homes, that’s what the people of New York want, because the taxes are too high, the economy is a mess…."

Sounds like a fine argument. Only one flaw in it: Levy in fact got 4,560 votes on the Working Families line -- which he did carry in 2007.

That was the election where Levy won 97 percent of the vote -- with a 25 percent turnout.

Confirm by checking this page on the Suffolk Board of Elections Web site.

UPDATEe (5:20 p.m.) Levy spokesman Mark Smith offers this statement to explain: 

“He knew he did not run unopposed in 2007, but the County Executive today mistakenly recalled that one of his opponents was on the WFP line, when in fact the two opponents ran on the Libertarian line and the Integrity line.” 

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