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At the Democratic state convention in Melville, Kevin Law, president of the Long Island Association, says Lt. Gov. Robert Duffy has been Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo’s “perfect partner.” He notes working with Duffy on the governor’s 10 regional economic-development councils, and speaks of Duffy’s role in selling the governor’s agenda all over the state.

“He has logged more frequent-highway miles than anybody in the administration,”  Law said.

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“We will miss him, we thank him, we ask God’s blessings on him and his family.”

People rise with signs saying “NY Thanks Bob Duffy,” and similar messages.

Duffy rises. He speaks quickly, saying “it’s been a very quick four years… campaigning is easy, government is much more difficult.” Says he’s been “part of a great team that’s governed extraordinarily well” and that “it’s been an honor and a pleasure to serve with him the last four years.”

“Sometimes life gets in the way of work and other things … You’re gonna love the next lieutenant governor candidate. I assure you of that.”

That name has still to be announced.