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Smithtown Councilwoman Lynne C. Nowick has signed the oath of office legally required for the position after failing to do so forced her and Town Supervisor Patrick Vecchio from their jobs earlier this month.

Nowick said she signed the oath Tuesday in the town boardroom before Deputy Town Clerk Regina Burke, Town Attorney Matthew Jakubowski, and Vecchio, who signed the oath for his office last week.

“Time to get back to business,” Nowick said. “That’s why I’m here.”

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Republicans Vecchio and Nowick won election to four-year terms in November, but were deemed out of office after Town Clerk Vincent Puleo, a Conservative, declared their seats vacant in a Feb. 5 memo. He cited state law that required elected officials to sign a written oath within 30 days of taking office on Jan. 1.

Vecchio and Nowick were appointed to one-year terms in a 3-0 town board vote last Thursday. State law requires that “an appointed elected official can only serve until the balance of that year,” Councilman Thomas McCarthy has said.

State Sen. John Flanagan (R-East Northport) and Assemb. Michael Fitzpatrick (R-St. James) said last week they intend to introduce legislation to allow Vecchio and Nowick to serve their full terms.

Nowick said Fitzpatrick and Flanagan, if successful, would save candidates time, energy and money. But she said her contingency plan was to run in the November election if necessary.

“We’re supposed to be there working for the town, not worrying about running for an election that we already won.”