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Last fall when Nassau’s school-zone speed cameras were infuriating drivers from Massapequa to Great Neck, rumors abounded that Malverne police had done a turnabout on the county by issuing village parking tickets to the county’s mobile speed camera vans.

The speed camera program snapped photos of cars speeding in school zones and issued motorists $80 tickets for each infraction — $50 for violating the school speed limit and $30 for the county administrative fee.

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At the time, Malverne’s police chief, mayor and village clerk did not return multiple calls from Newsday asking about the rumored tickets.

But Newsday’s Judy Cartwright recently received copies of the Malverne tickets in response to a Freedom of Information request to the county for email correspondence about the speed camera program, which was disbanded in December because of intense driver outrage. The program's vendor, American Traffic Solutions, had requested by email a copy of the parking summonses.

The correspondence indicates that Malverne police issued three tickets on Sept. 8 to the same county speed camera van for parking in “no parking” areas or for overtime parking along Ocean Avenue outside Malverne High School. A village officer issued another ticket on Sept. 9 to the same van for parking by a “no parking” sign outside the Malverne Middle School at the corner of Ocean Avenue and Aberdeen Street. Each ticket carried a fine of $30.

John Marks, executive director of the county's Traffic and Parking Violations Agency, said Wednesday that the tickets had been dismissed. When asked whether the county had to pay the $30 adminstrative fee, he said, "Malverne Court does not have a $30 driver responsibility fee."