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In a new mailing to Nassau County residents,  CE Edward Mangano attacks  unnamed “pundits” who claim there is a low error rate in assessing the value of property for tax purposes.

One of those pundits is right across the street, his own tax assessor, Ted Jankowski.

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"Statistics show that the accuracy of residential values in Nassau County exceeds industry standards set by the International Association of Assessing Officers," Jankowski said in a 74-page report in May 2009.

The mailing also claims that Mangano “inherited” a broken assessment system, yet Jankowski, who was appointed by former CE Thomas Suozzi, has been kept on. He is tasked, as they say, with fixing the system.

And, the mailing once again revives the possibility that state legislation will be need to fix the assessment system — something that Mangano never mentioned when he was running last year on a platform of having a plan to fix the assessment system.

The mailing urges residents to sign an online petition urging the state legislature to pass a Mangano reform plan which he says he can do without the legislation. Mangano aides refer to this as the “belt and suspenders” approach, meaning try more than one approach in case your first course doesn’t work out.